I wish to thank all those people who have supported me throughout my artistic career, with the creative process, in terms of production, distribution and promotion, while touring.

To my son who has been my first spectator, critic and advisor.
To Gustavo Di Sarro who initiated me into the world of shadows and constructs my equipment.
To Alejandro Bustos who made the original accessories.
To Belys Reinhardt who contributed part of the costumes.
To Victoria Guglietti who took the first photos.
To Nancy Cogorno who filmed the first video in order to participate in “La Marató” and gave me a great deal of encouragement.

To Luis Roca who edited the first show superbly. For his contribution to the graphics and all that related to computers. For his commitment to the proposals, collaborating with “No Toquen Mis Manos” and for the silhouettes that I just couldn’t create.

To Eugenio Navarro who trusted in me and opened many doors to Festivals.

To Montserrat Panero who collaborated on “Manos Libres” with her creative support during many rehearsals.

To Ricky Schneider for his professionalism in the editing of the music.
To Andrés Fresno for the clarity of his direction plus all his incredible support.
To Andrea Perrone for the translations.
To all those who put a roof over my head while on tour.
To all those I have forgotten to name…….

I also thank the public who enjoy the shows and support all artists with their applause.