Founded in Villa Gesell, a coastal town in Argentina, where the company’s first presentations of Chinese shadow puppetry took place. Before this Valeria had participated with various projects in her guises as an actor, singer and puppeteer. She also formed part of the Compañia Tarantantango presenting a puppet show and tango in the evenings within the program of the theater Teatro de Calle a la Gorra.

Later she began her own company with her first productions involving Chinese shadow puppets.

The wit, creativity and cheek that she managed to express via this ancient art were well received by a public of all ages.

From that moment, practise and research were fundamental to developing her knowledge of this little known discipline. Thanks to the dexterity acquired from her childhood piano lessons, she has developed her creations while learning her trade using such sources as Sergio Tajan and videos of Fu Manchu and Mac Rubens. The first props made by Alejandro Bustos and technical support from Gustavo Di Sarro contributed to the refining of the performance into its present form. All this plus her studies of music and theater and her stage experience have given her the sensitivity to perform the most fascinating scenes.

Once in Europe, she incorporated her own props, visual effects and music edited by Luis Roca, transforming the shadow play, ”No Toque mis Manos” (Don’t Touch my Hands), into a crossroads of silent film, comics, puppetry and music. Thus began the national and international recognition of her originality, appearing on the programs of important international festivals in the diverse worlds of puppetry, visual arts, children’s spectaculars, cabarets, magic shows, scenic arts and artistic competitions reaching the heights of galas and cinema festivals. Valeria has received prizes for her work. She is also able to prepare performances for specific events.

Production never ends. With the creation of “Manos Libres” (Handsfree), and the introduction of new resources and characters, she has participated in numerous festivals and appeared on the programs of many children’s theater productions. The latest production is “Mano y Mano” (Hand in Hand) .

All the productions preserve the wordless language to leap linguistic barriers and maintain the code of craftsmanship of Chinese shadow puppetry with just the hands and various accessories being visible to the audience. All that is required is a source of light, a small stage space and a screen or white wall making the shows suitable for any space, theatre, auditorium or civic center allowing every member of the public the chance to experience this ancient, traditional and little seen art form.

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