Chinese Shadow Puppet Workshop.
Objective and form of Workshop:
To allow participants to acquire basic knowledge of the techniques involved in creating shadow puppets with the hands and appropriate accessories according to the necessities of each one.
Each workshop can be tailored to the requirements of the participants depending on the duration of the workshop and the ages of those participating.

Technical requirements:
A white walled room that can be made dark.
Tables and chairs for making cut outs and the materials for this process (scissors, paper, pencils, card, transparencies, string, paper ribbons, etc.). Candles for tests. C.D. Player.

The workshop is developed through the following steps:
1. Introduction:
Presentation and work plan according to the requirements of the group.
Brief summary of the history of shadow theater and its journey to the modern age. Types of shadows. Different techniques. Equipment, how to make figures.


2. Practical preparation:
Finger, arm and hand exercises. Stretching and warm up.
Classic figures only using the hands. Introduction of accessories.
Silhouettes of animals, profiles, full and half bodies.

3. Investigation and creation:
One, two or three characters in situ. Assembly with music. Text. Improvisation of scenes and situations. Creation of accessories. Script, staging, rhythm.

4. Performance within the group.

5. Conclusion.
Previous workshops:
Workshop for adults at Incanti Castelo.
Workshop for professional puppeteers and teachers, Espinho Festival, Portugal.
Workshop for 10 and 11 year olds, Andoain Festival.

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