Book of Chinese shadows

of Chinese shadows

An introduction to this ancient art by Valeria Guglietti.

A manual with exercises, silhouettes of animals and characters.
In Spanish and English

46 pages
€13 + shipping costs

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Sombras Chinas, is a book edited by Valeria Guglietti independently, which teaches how to make shadows by hand along with small accessories. It can be purchased at the end of each performance, or be ordered online.
We are going for the second edition, the children like it a lot because they learn how to make figures of animals and different characters, the teachers too, since they use it in their classes to tell stories and make activities,puppeteers also benefit from it because with this manual they have more tools in their creations.
It is a unique book that cannot be found anywhere else, with explanatory photos, and a brief text in Spanish and English.