I want to especially thank the people who have supported me throughout my artistic career, in the creative processes, in production, in distribution, promotion, and on tour.
Gaspar Di Sarro who has been my first spectator, critic, adviser, photographer, and technician.
Gustavo Di Sarro who has introduced me to the world of Chinese shadows, and has made the first projectors.
Sergio Taján, for his shadow manual.
Alejandro Bustos, for the first cutouts.
Belkys Reihardt for his seams.
Victoria Guglietti who took the first photos.
Nanny Cogorno, who filmed the first video to participate in the Marathon, and she gave me all her encouragement.
Luis Roca, for his contribution in editing the sound effects of the first show, the graphics, and everything related to the computer. For his commitment in proposing numbers, collaborating with the staging of “Don’t touch my hands” and for the drawings of the silhouettes that didn’t come out.
Eugenio Navarro, and La Puntual, who trusted me and opened many doors to Festivals.
Ricky Shneider for his professionalism in the musical edition of Manos Libres.
Andrea Perrone, for his contribution in translations, his voice over in English and his company on tours.
José Muñoz Sosa, for electricity in general.
Adam Mankind for his patience and collaboration in editing the Chinese Shadows book.

To those who gave me a house and food while on tour.
To the Sant Pere de Ribes Town Hall, for having me as a local artist.
And surely there are more to name…

I thank all the public who enjoy the shows and support the artists with their applause.
Culture and shows are an essential asset, to be healthy and sensitive.