shadow of cinema


Chinese shadows show for all audiences. No languages. A tribute to the cinema and its characters full of humor.
Released in 2019, at the Izmir International Puppet Days, Izmir Kukla Gunleri, Turkey.


Since the beginning times the human being has created shadows using his body, his hands, and silhouettes, giving life to characters. Thousands of years ago, he began to travel the world from east to west through out time taking the dyes of each culture. The Chinese shadows have been the springboard of the cinema, and great projections. Today Valeria Guglietti reverses the roles. With the shadows represents characters from the cinema and scenes from the big screen. A parody made with shadows of hands. Without words, as if it were a film in black and white, silent, artisanal. In view of all, you can see the tricks of how to make and unmask the characters magically with the agile movement of hands, awakening the audience wanting to play with their own shadows.


For more information about the show and the technical details, you can download the PDF here