the history of the company

Valeria Guglietti presented her first creations of shadow puppets in Villa Gesell, Argentina. There, she was part of the Street Performance for tips schedule during the summer season (1989-1993). Previously, she participated in Buenos Aires in other projects as an actress, singer and puppeteer. She was a member of the Company “Tarantango”, performed in some TV shows and in the children’s  show “Cáscara Colorada” By Pipo Pescador.

She begins her first shadow puppets productions as a solist, setting up her own company. The grace, the creativity and the impudence that she accomplished with the expression of this millenary art had great acceptation by the audience of all ages.

From then on, practice and research were fundamental in this discipline, about which there was not much information.The dexterity that her hands acquired through piano studies during her childhood, allowed her to develop the shadows puppetry with great skill. Thanks to the publications of Sergio Taján, the videos of Fu-Manchú and Mac Rubens, plus the advice and technical contribution of Gustavo Di Sarro and the first accessories made by Alejandro Bustos, added to the studies of theater, singing and experience in stage; They have given the artist the necessary sensitivity to achieve great expressiveness in the staging.

Once settled in Spain, she incorporates accessories, visual effects into the performances that, together with the soundtrack, edited by Luis Roca, contribute to consolidate her first show: “No Toquen mis Manos”. Thus achieving a true meeting point between silent movies, comic books, puppets, music, and magic.

Her shows begin to have both national and international repercussions due to their originality. Participating in the programming of important International Festivals around the world of Puppets, Visual Arts, Children’s Shows, Cabarets, Magic, Performing Arts, Street Theater, Artist Contests, and even Galas and Film Festivals. Receiving awards, and preparing performances on request for specific events.

The production does not stop, and creates “Manos Libres” participating in numerous Festivals and in many Programs of children theater Using new resources, and characters. As it is also with “Mano y Mano”, which tells a story full of poetry. Ten Years of Shadows, and Sombra de Cine, all creations of their own authorship and management.

These shows preserve the silent language, and maintain the artisan code of the Chinese Shadows made by hands with its small accessories in view of the spectator. Simply using a light source, a minimal scenic space, as the stories are projected on the screen or a white wall, allowing the access to all types of rooms, auditoriums, theater, circus tent, school classrooms, auditoriums, auditorium, or social center and even outdoors at night, consequently it reaches all audiences, reaffirming and spreading this traditional millenary and little seen Art, sustaining the culture that is essential for people.

The constant search to express through out this language, allows Valeria Guglietti to be a reference in the art of Chinese shadows in the world. Participating in the program of Theaters, school performances, important Puppet Festivals, Circus, Visual Arts, Magic, Street Theater, Festivals dedicated to children and of course in Shadow Theater Festivals, within Spain, and the rest of the world . She has received awards, and mentions. She has also done specific private animation jobs, in installations she has collaborated with José Luis Guerín, participated in advertising films, business events such as Mas Perinet in collaboration with Els Comediants, commissioned performances such as in the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and has given recommendations to companies who use shadows, she has taught classes, workshops and also workshops for schools, for professional artists, for children, and the family in person, and now also performs and teaches online.