Amazing Stories


This show creates a space where the public can get to know very closely the ancient art of Chinese shadows. Enjoy it as a spectator and as a protagonist. In the first part, the actress shows stories told through the shadows, with different techniques. In the second part, the audience participates on the stage guided by the shadow performer, and the music that can be live or recorded. They will try to make shadows, playfully and with humor. Suitable for all types of public. Spanish Language.


Little stories told with the shadows of the hands, and small accessories will make you enjoy the ancient art of the Chinese shadows. It is surprising that with only two hands we can project characters as in a handmade silent film. Typical characters of the Chinese shadows, animal figures, and short stories like those of a comic projected on the screen arouse curiosity.
This time the public will know the secrets, we will share how shadows are made, and they will try to make them by projecting their own stories.


For more information about the show and the technical details, you can download the PDF here