Hand to Hand


Hand to Hand, is a show that through the millenary art of Chinese shadows, tells a story full of poetry. Without languages, for all audiences. Especially recommended from 4 years old. The audience can see the shadows being made as the shader is in full view. A creation by Valeria Guglietti, premiered at the Festival International des Marionnettes de Charleville Mézières in France, 2011


In a bar, a lonely man drinks his coffee. In the nebula of his thoughts and fantasies, feelings are awakened, with even delusional situations. Hope, and love appears and disappears like in a dream, like a spell, like life that passes becomes wrapped in poetry and sensitivity. A story told through the delicate art of Chinese shadows, a prodigious technique by Valeria Guglietti.


For more information about the show and the technical details, you can download the PDF here